Sunday, August 1, 2010

We're Pregnant!!!

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This is my estimate as to when we are due...Mar. 16, 2011.  I have a "stick it to me" day on Aug 6 (I guess this is where they just do all the blood work, urine tests, all the fun stuff...then they schedule me to see the dr.).  Hopefully they will tell me when I am due exactly on Friday! 

We are super excited!  It's been over 6 yrs since we had Niko.  I think that the age difference will be just fine!  So many people tell me that I should have them close together so they can play together, but honestly, I couldn't have handled another one so close!  It wasn't until Niko turned 4 that I was even willing to CONSIDER another kid!  haha...And, I also, don't remember my sister and I being so "close" even though we were only 1 yr apart!  I think Niko will be a HUGE help and will be excited to have a little baby in the house.  He keeps asking when we get to bring the baby home! 

Well, that's all for now...just wanted to log in and update my blog (it's been forever, I know)!  I will definately be making tons of stuff for the baby and posting all of it on here, so stay tuned!

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